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Dennis Fulbright, a native of Toccoa, Georgia, now resides in Cleveland, SC and Charleston, SC.  A Landscape Architect by profession, he attended Middle Georgia College (1963-1965) and the University of Georgia, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design in 1969.   He also continued his studies at the University of North Carolina, Institute of Government in Municipal Administration (1970-1972). 

Dennis began painting transparent watercolors in 1957, a junior high school student under the tutelage of Mrs. Rush Herndon Jr.  He continued his studies at Middle Georgia College majoring in Commercial Art, under the guidance of Professor Glenn Forrest Chestnut.  Mr. Chestnut’s logic, and his philosophy, as they related to the principals and elements of design in art and literature have had a great influence on Dennis’ love for art.  During his senior year at the University of Georgia Dennis changed his major to Landscape Architecture.  Even with a change in his career path he continued to paint, many of his watercolors being architectural renderings.  After retirement, Dennis spends his time woodworking, cycling, sketching and painting watercolors.

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